Wear The Colour Wheel

If you follow us on social media and our blog (if you don’t already, you should) you know that we are always talking about men wearing more colour and colour coordination. I bet you’re wondering exactly how we know what colours go together and which ones don’t, and we’re about to teach you our secrets! Its all based on the colour wheel! Its a tool used in colour theory, that artists and designers use to mix and create with colour. We use them in fashion to coordinate outfits and design clothing lines. It’s now your turn to learn how the colour wheel can help you put together outfits and coordinate colours! The Basics:

Let us introduce you to the colour wheel

Its a fun little rainbow wheel that is the key to dressing well! We will use this to show you how to pair clothing items.

The Schemes:


The analogous colour scheme is among the easiest to learn and use. Basically, choose 3 colours on the colour wheel that are beside each other! Blue, Blue green and green all work together perfectly!
Check out how we put together an outfit using this colour scheme:

The complimentary colour scheme is another easy one! You probably learned this in grade 3 art class. Each colour’s compliment is directly across from it on the colour wheel, these usually work well together. In fashion, brown is a good substitute for orange!

Check out how we worked a complimentary colour scheme!

Split Compliment

The split compliment colour scheme is a little more complicated, but it looks just as awesome! Pick a colour on the wheel, and scan across to it’s compliment, now pick the colour to the right and left of that compliment. There you have it! The split complimentary colour scheme. Easy!
Now check out how you can try this colour scheme at home, or if you shop with us!

Tetradic Colour Scheme

This colour scheme is probably the most complicated and it needs to be executed very carefully. If not, you could end up looking a little like a rodeo clown. It’s okay though! Follow our example to create a complex colour scheme that is diverse, but works well together!

If you feel a little more adventurous try this look!

And there you have it! Of course this is just an example, there are so many other ways to use colour. If you want to find out what scheme will be perfect for you, come in and we will set you up! We are colour experts and have years of experience coordinating outfits.
Happy colour coordinating!

Jerome’s Gives Back!

We talk about how to wear a suit, and what suit looks best on who but what if you have never been able to afford a suit? How could you get ahead if you have never had the means to invest in your wardrobe? Many people are finding themselves in this exact situation. This is where Jerome’s and Dress Your Best come in.

When you first walk into an interview, it doesn’t matter how qualified you are, the first thing a potential employer notices is how you look and how you are dressed. It may sound vain but it is the truth. It’s important to look and feel your best when stepping into a new environment. This is where organizations like Dress Your Best are crucial. Dress Your Best (operated by Live to Give Relief) was created in the year 2000 and supplies men 18 and over that have been referred by non profit organizations, with quality professional clothes in order to dress for interviews and obtain jobs. Their vision is to “promote the economic independence of disadvantaged men across of the Greater Toronto Area”.

They accept any of your old business or dress attire such as: two piece suits, dress pants, blazers, sweaters, winter coats, belts etc.
Here at Jerome’s we love helping out especially those less fortunate, which is why we’ve teamed up with Dress Your Best. Between April 1st and April 21st we will be doing a Suit Trade In Event! This event gives you the opportunity to give a little and get a little.You know those old suits that have just been hanging in the back of your closet? We want ‘em. If you bring in a gently used suit to our store you’ll get a $100 credit towards a brand new suit! You have the opportunity to positively impact men in your community and provide job opportunities to individuals who would otherwise never get the chance.

*Make sure all garments are dry cleaned before hand and are in good, wearable condition and please insure your suits are folded properly in a bag or box rather then a hanger.

For more information on Dress Your Best, be sure to check out their website: http://www.dressyourbest.ca/aboutus.php

Jerome’s Guide to: Leather Jackets

Leather has been a huge trend for decades and it doesn’t look like it will be fading anytime soon. A leather jacket is a timeless and versatile piece. Great for dressing up a boring pair of jeans or even relax the look of a suit.It’s also a great transition piece as the weather begins to change, the leather jacket is perfect for layering.Here at Jerome’s we’re huge fans of the trend and we want to show you how to rock the look with our 3 favourite styles.

The aviator jacket This jacket is a great way to participate in the military trend while still keeping warm. They look great paired with chunky sweaters and a great pair of denim. Don’t be afraid to try throwing one over a great button up,a vneck sweater or even a suit! Tip: this jacket tends to look better on gents with a slimmer frame due to all the extra padding.

The bomber jacket This jacket looks good on men of many different shapes.Tip: beware of ones with snug elastic on the bottom as they tend to draw attention to a wider waist. This jacket looks best when made simple. Throw on a simple tee and jeans and get your James Dean on.

The moto jacket- This jacket is an extremely diverse piece as it can can be worn with a simple outfit, or dressed up for a night out.Tip: It’s a statement piece so try and make the jacket the focus !

Top Tips:
Leather jackets should hug your shoulders
You made need to size down to find your perfect fit
Your sleeves should be slim and not too long
The jacket should hit at the waist no longer and definitely not shorter
Colours are fun but black is best. If you’re going to try out a bold colour keep it the main focus and make sure the rest of your outfit is muted.

Jerome’s 8 Denim Tips!

Recently it seems as if we have been putting the majority of our focus blog-wise on the upper half of our wardrobe. The in’s and out’s of ties, Spring suit trends etc. Today we’re going to focus on the lower half of your daily outfit: PANTS! Here are our 8 tips to the perfect pair of jeans. The low down on your lower half, if you will.

1.)Avoid pleats. Not very flattering on most men as they make you look much wider then you are.

2.)No skinny jeans….straight leg is fine but if you cant get your foot through the ankle then its a no go.
(your pants should not be cutting off your circulation
(this is how its done)

3.)Mid rise jeans are a universal best fit. (Your underwear should NEVER be visible!)

4.)Light wash/Acid wash denim is a wee bit 90’s.A darker wash is a universally flattering look for all shapes, looks modern and is completely versatile.

5.)Jeans should have a fit similar to your dress pant. Fitted but not skin tight.

6.)Yes, dark jeans are versatile. You can dress them up or down but don’t push it too far. Dark jeans do not translate to dress pants, so you should not be wearing dress shoes with them!

7.)Go for a naturally distressed jean! They won’t wear out as quickly so your favourite jeans will last you for years!

8.)Length is huge for pants.You want your pants to skim your shoes no longer or shorter!

Hopefully you’ll take our tips into consideration the next time you buy a pair of jeans. We just got in a bunch of new denim from great brands such as Fidelity and Citizens of Humanity. Come into our store at 2480 Yonge St in Toronto and let us find the perfect denim for you!

Spring 2014 Top Trends

While the snow may still be falling outside the reality is that, spring is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about updating your wardrobe. Here at Jerome’s were ready to help you with some Spring trends.These are some of our favourites!

Double breasted blazers
This spring take your sport coat to the next level by making it a double,double-breasted that is. A double-breasted topcoat has the elegance of the vintage look but now with a slimmer cut then past styles. We love this look in a navy blue.Your jacket should be tailored not boxy and fit well around the was.

Patterned jackets
At Jerome’s we love the patterned jacket. It adds interest and personality to an outfit. Checks are crucial for spring (but can really be worn all year around). Experiment with different size checks in different shades,or try out different prints like floral or cam! Pair this look with solid colour pants and make the jacket the focus, or be brave and pattern mix!

Here at Jerome’s we love this trend.Bright coloured tops or bottoms are a bold Spring statement. It allows you to express your individual style and add some creativity and interest to an outfit. We understand bold colours may not be for everyone so start small with a muted colour.For the bolder man try a bright orange or yellow! A full blown orange suit is a bit much, this trend strictly calls for a bold top OR bottom.Try a bright red pant with a dark blue jacket, or a green jacket with a grey pant! Colour blocking is a big Spring trend as well but can be tricky to master. Look out for our in-depth “how to” coming next week!

Cuffed trousers
You want to make sure you pants fit you properly, a slim pant like chinos looks best. Cuffed baggy pants make you look more like you’re expecting a flood then surfing the fashion waves. Not only does cuffing your trousers create a nice overall silhouette but they also show off your fancy footwear! Those printed socks were made to be shown off!

(source pinterest)

I know i know, we’ve been preaching pattern, pattern, pattern for a while now, and while pattern is huge for spring so is the minimalist look: all solids this doesn’t mean the look has to be boring.do a grey suit with a bright pink shirt and dark tie, or experiment with pastels, another huge Spring trend.Be bold with colours rather then pattern!

(source pinterest)

Denim jacket
Denim jackets have been a style staple for decades.While we don’t advise this look for a day at the office, (unless perhaps you work from home) . but it doesn’t mean it has to be drab. throw it on under a sport coat with a pair of bright coloured chinos and your ready to go.

There you have it. Our breakdown of some of our favourite Spring trends. While some may lean more towards the fashion savant there are some that any man can wear with confidence! Many of these styles can be found in our store at 2480 Yonge St. in Toronto.
*unless otherwise stated all looks can be purchased at Jerome’s Menswear!

Jerome’s Guide to: Dressing for a Date

Well men, it’s that time of the year again: Valentines Day.Whether you dread or love the day, when you’re in a relationship the celebration is virtually inevitable. But hey, maybe your special someone isn’t into Valentine’s. We’re here to show you appropriate date night looks for the other 364 days of the year as well! Here are some tips on how to dress for three of the most common dates.

The Dinner Date
Our number one choice is a blazer. Avoid too much detailing and keep it simple. Pair that with a button up shirt and your good to go. This should be the base of your dinner date attire. Depending on the restaurant or your plans before/after you can swap out dress pants for coloured chinos or even a dark wash jean. It’s important to look like you put effort into your outfit and didn’t just run straight from the office.

The Pub Date
If your partner is a little more laid back you can always opt for a more casual date at a pub or bar (we don’t advise it but, hey to each their own). In this case you want to stray from a blazer, but again, try to avoid looking like you made zero effort. A pair of trousers, or your favourite, dark wash jeans paired with a cardigan or v-neck sweater is a great option. It’s comfortable but still looks put together.

The Movie Date
The movies, a classic date night local. Two important things to keep in mind:
1.)You will be sitting for anywhere between an hour and a half and three hours.
2.)It’s near impossible to predict what the temperature will be at the theatre.
Comfort is key! At Jerome’s we don’t believe you have to sacrifice style for comfort. Layers are our go to option. When executed well they can have the perfect balance of looking put together and laid back at the same time, which is what you want to shoot for. Not only is it comfortable but layers can be removed or kept on depending on the temperature in the theatre. You don’t want to look frumpy so try and insure that your layers a little more fitted. Try a v-neck tee,cardigan or flannel, and a light jacket. On the bottom we suggest denim (a medium or dark wash) or corduroy pant in a neutral shade (such as tan).

While there are hundreds of different dates you take your special someone one these styling ideas can work for many of them (except for rock climbing…definitely wouldn’t clim rocks in chinos). Don’t be afraid to add some pattern, texture and of course colour to your looks as well. It will add interest and make you look put together. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jerome’s Guide to: Bow ties

Last week we discussed the in’s and out’s of ties and hopefully you all were able to pick up some interesting styling ideas and information. This week we want to discuss bow ties. They are a little more difficult to style and many men are apprehensive about wearing them but here at Jerome’s we want you to take the new year by storm and try something new.

Bow ties have been around for centuries, the 17th century to be exact, and have grown to be a huge staple in men’s fashion. Bow ties are no longer a vintage throwback but have come back in style once again. One of our favourite menswear accessories, bow ties can be a great addition to any mans wardrobe. They are a great way to add a fun pop of colour and interest to an outfit. They come in many unique colour, sizes, shapes and fabrics, to express every mans personal style.
Were here to give you some styling tips and tricks so you can incorporate bow ties into your 2014 wardrobe.

We get it, it’s a bright coloured bow tie might not be for everyone, but don’t worry you can still rock the look with just a plain black bow tie. Try one with a simple black suit for a more polished and put together look. Black bow ties can also be worn with a simple dress shirt for a more updated and relaxed look.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the idea of a bow tie why not get creative? Bow ties can add a pop of colour to a simple look, or amplify a colourful outfit choice. Either way, we think they look fabulous and are a easy way to take your style to the next level. Here’s a for styling: Try mixing fabrics. A velvet tie with a tweed suit, or a leather tie with a wool sweater. The options are endless, get creative, you’ll be surprised at the combinations that work.

Make a statement and try a bold print. Do not feel restricted to polka dots or stripes, step out of your comfort zone and try a floral print (perfect for spring) or even animal print (trust us, it can work).

While bow ties come in many different sizes try and find one that is no larger then the width of your cheekbones. The style of tie you go for also needs to be determined in accordance to your body shape. There are three different styles of bow ties. Be careful when choosing as each type can influence the overall look and feel of your outfit.
1.)Pointed-end bow tie: A classic look that works for any body type.This looks best with a winged collar.
2.) Batwing/Straight end bow tie: This tie looks better on a more slender man and creates a more informal look. It looks best with a standard collar .
3.) Butterfly bow tie: this is the most common style of bow tie and perfect for any body build or type.

So now you’ve chosen your bow tie, how do you tie it? Good question. We’re here to answer it. When tying your bow tie, think of it like tying your shoelace.

Self tied, pre-tied, or clip on ties are the three different types of bow ties. We understand that not every men has the time to tie there bow tie every day so find whichever type best fits your lifestyle. We like the self tied option best as it offers more freedom with styling as the wearer can choose how loose, tight, put together or relaxed they want the knot and look. Remember to experiment, a tighter tie looks more dapper and put together while a loose knot can dress down the look. Decide which one works best for your outfit!

Hopefully you’ll be able to put these tips to use and are able to incorporate bow ties into your wardrobe this year. Let us know your favourite ways to style them. Make sure you stop by Jerome’s Menswear for a selection of unique and interesting bow ties that will help to tie any outfit together (pardon the pun).

Jerome’s Guide to: Neck Ties

The donning of a boy’s first tie is considered a right of passage, when a boy becomes a man. When you’re young it’s something you are forced to wear to horrendous family reunions and baptisms. As time passes they stop symbolizing a noose on childhood freedom and instead become a symbol of importance and prestige. A tie completes a beautiful suit or even dresses up a simple plaid shirt and leather jacket. Depending on the colour and shape, it can express individual style and creativity and says something about the man wearing it. While picking a tie may seem like an easy or mundane task but there are some simple steps every man should follow to make sure he looks his best.

There is much debate about how wide your tie should be.Some men argue in favour of the more modern skinny tie and some prefer the wider model. As a general rule, ties should be about 2-3.75 inches at their widest point. This is the best width to balance out most men. It should be in proportion to your body where larger men should aim for ties that are 3.25-3.75 inches in width, and smaller men should aim for ties between 2-3 inches. Your tie should also coincide with the lapels of the jacket you are wearing.
Wide lapels equal a wider tie, thinner lapels equal a thinner tie (pretty simple stuff).

While width is important, the length of the tie is also crucial. Too long or too short and you’ll look a little silly. Standard ties should be approximately 58 inches. Now this may vary depending on your height so try and choose a tie that hits the buckle of your belt or your waistband at its widest point.

Colours & Patterns Ties don’t need to be limited to a day at the office, or your family Christmas party. They can used to dress up a pair of jeans and white bottom up shirt. Ties are a excellent way to put some creativity into your outfit. We touched on it in our last blog, but patterns and bright colours add interest and draw attention to an outfit, and are a must-have for Spring. When it comes to patterns in a tie don’t be afraid to get creative. Try bold colours and complex patterns that will add interest to your outfit. Keep in mind too much colour can overwhelm your look and take you from classy to clown in a second.
A simple rule to follow for wearing bold ties:
When wearing a neutral tie go for a bold shirt or jacket colour
When wearing a bright or patterned tie stick to a neutral shirt or jacket

If your feeling really adventurous try mixing colours (the colour wheel is a great way to see what colours work well together) and even patterns (but don’t get too crazy)

Knots There are many tie knots to choose from, some simple and some very complex. When mastered every knot can make an outfit look polished and complete. Lets stator with some of the basics:
1.The Windsor also known as the “double Windsor” is the most traditional knot
2. The Half Windsor has the elegance of windsor with half the effort
3. Four-in-hand is the perfect knot for a dressed down look
4. Shelby/Pratt knot has a looser look and is not as large as the windsor knot. Looks good with any outfit.

Mastered these already? Try something more complicated such as the Eldredge tie knot and the Trinity knot. These knots look best in a bold colour such as a deep purple or canary yellow to draw attention to their intricacies.

Tie care
To minimize wrinkling in your tie try and avoid wearing the same tie 2 days in a row however over time sometimes it becomes difficult if not impossible to avoid wrinkling all together. When this does happen steaming is the best way to carefully get wrinkles out. Unfortunately not all of us have steamers, try hanging your tie in the bathroom while you are taking a shower.

Ties don’t have to be just another piece of a suit. Try experimenting with different widths and knots and watch as it transforms your outfit. If your looking for a bold coloured or printed tie then stop by Jerome’s Menswear on 2480 Yonge St. for a great selection of top quality ties.

Fall’s Three Must have items

If you are a man who doesn’t identify as “stylish” and your idea of a fall update is getting the latest NFL scores, at least check out these 3 top fall items. They are simple to add to any wardrobe and will update your outfits and get you ready for the new season. Adding just a few staple items each season will help keep you looking fresh and up to date. Now you can back to Sportscentre.

This is by far the easiest way to add a little interest to your fall wardrobe. Socks may be a small detail, but this season they are making a huge impact. Go for a new and exciting pattern, or a bold and interesting colour! These little guys will call the attention of those around you and make them think “Gee, that guy knows what’s up”. A little glimpse of colour and pattern from under your pant leg is all you need.

The Vest
This traditional item is making a comeback! Think Great Gadsby when you sport a dapper vest under your blazer. Don’t worry! You don’t have to get a vest that matches your blazer, the trend is showing men pairing a vest with a complimentary blazer. (try blue vest and beige jacket, or grey vest and black jacket) Have fun with it! Not to mention that this extra layer will help keep you cozy when the temperature drops.

The Tie
Now, this may be obvious to some but not everyone updates their tie wardrobe! Guys, you’ve got to do this. A great and current tie can make the outfit, add that finishing touch with the right pattern. That old, dingy tie from the early 90’s has GOT to go. Try a fine floral, or an updated diagonal stripe or even go a little crazy with a two-toned tie!

BONUS: Shoelaces
Since we’re giving people here at Jerome’s, we are giving you a bonus little tid bit. Another simple but fabulous item you can add to update your fall look is coloured shoe laces. Lace these guys up in your work shoes to add a pop of colour, even match then to your socks for a cohesive “foot outfit”.

So there you go gentlemen, if you’re not going to go fall shopping at all this year, please do us this favour and just pick up some of these must-haves. Please. (Everything here can be found at Jerome’s Menswear, 2480 Yonge St.)

Things you should buy to be ready for Fall.

It’s that time again gentlemen, the leaves change colour and the temperature takes a dip. It’s autumn. For some of us it means Thanksgiving dinner and raking the yard. What it should mean is time to update that closet! Autumn is the most exciting time of the fashion year and this is the perfect time to add a few items to update your wardrobe. Here is the Jerome’s list of top 5 things you should buy to be ready for Fall.

Cable knit sweater
This may seem obvious, to buy a sweater for when it gets cold but a cable knit cardigan is more versatile than ever. It’s not your grandpa’s cardigan! New knits are made fitted, detailed and non-itchy. This item can be worn so many ways; under your sport jacket for a great layered look. With a shirt and tie as an alternative to that boring work outfit. With jeans and a t-shirt for a cozy, casual weekend look. This item is a must buy for the stylish gentleman this season.

Tweed sport jacket with patches
Tweed can be hailed as THE fabric of Autumn/Winter. Its distinguished texture and warmth makes it a staple for the cooler months of the year. How can you make tweed look modern and dapper? Easy. Wear it in a tailored sport jacket with elbow patches. Patches in a contrasting fabric is an amazing trend for this season. Be on the cutting edge of style with this item, turn some heads and get those compliments!

Pull over sweater vest
Now, before you laugh and say “That’s for nerds” hear us out. We know you like the look of a light v-neck sweater over a shirt, but throw a jacket over that and you’re suffocating. The solution; a vest. Create a look with more layers without bogging yourself down! Nix the sleeves and go for a vest under that jacket. You can even wear it on it’s own, because our vests are fitted and look great. So trust us when we say you won’t look like a nerd with our sweater vests, you’ll look like a studly gentleman.

Coloured denim
Ready to make a statement? Another amazing trend that has staying power is coloured denim. Forget the blue and go for rust, red or forest green! If you’re not that daring, grey is a fashionable but subtle choice. These coloured jeans will draw compliments wherever you go, they are exciting and unique! The best part, its easy to pair these jeans with a great outfit, because many of the colours of fall go perfectly with these hues. Give it a try! We carry coloured denim in your favourite fits and styles.

To risk sounding like a toilet paper commercial, nothing compares to a cashmere sweater. The softness, the quality, the luxury, there is nothing that compares. I know you’re saying, “who has money for that? I’m not some high roller!” but before you reach for that cashmere knock off, consider this. You will spend $50 on a acrylic or wool blend sweater this year, wear it for a season and next year, it’s pilly. If you’re not convinced, come into the store and just feel one.so soft.